How to Start a Website

Do you want to learn how to start a website the right way? 

Then pay attention.

Nowadays we must admit that if we want to impact the world, if we want to start a business. 

If we want to send our message out there,  we need some platform where we can send our message. 

And I believe we all do have a message to share to the world.

Few days back I commit a honest mistake, where in I sent e-mail to all of my subscriber without even thinking the great impact, the outcome, the result of that one drastic e-mail move.

And the worst part I even sent it to my husband's friends, colleagues and family because we have the same e-mail subscriber.

But enough of that, I've learned my lesson well.  That's when I realize that a lot of people are really reading my blog and my message. 

So I really need to be careful about what I am sharing to the world.

So today I want to give you some value.

I want to help you how to start a website and a blog so that you can start sending your message to the world.

I've been doing it from the moment I started homeschooling and I saw my improvement.

That is why I am confident and I know that this one will give you the value you desire.

Don't think that, who am I to impact the world? 

I thought of that as well.

Before someone bought my e-book, before that one tragic email I sent hehehe.

Most of my reader and subscriber e-mailed me.

They even send me PM, they cannot believe and Imagine if I am the one who sent that email to them. 

From that day I promise myself that everyday I will try to send something valuable to my reader.

Something that they can use and somehow change their lives so here it is.

Starting today prepare yourself to receive more like this kind of blog post.

Prepare to receive more e-mail from me.

And starting today I will accomplish my promise to give you more values than ever.

As I have mention before I am attending an internship on email marketing, social media marketing and copywriting so I want to share with you guys what I have learned. 

And this just the first few of those learning.

And I will start by letting you know How to do a website and blog so you can also start impacting the world around you, sounds great to you?

Here are the 5 easy steps on how to start a website and blog.

1.  Choose the right blogging platform for your new blog.

2.  Choose your blogs topic (Niche as what they call it) & custom domain name.

3.  Set up your blog and web hosting

4.  Customize the look and feel of your new blog

5.  Write your very first blog post

Starting a blog is really easy, and sending message as well.

The only thing is how we use this platform the right way in sending our message.

To influence and impact people to make their life better.

Okay now I will elaborate more one by one those 5 easy step.

No. 1 Choose Blogging Platform

I used before, if you are going to check my previous website you will never read it at all. 

My writing was worst, my graphics are even worst and it's not readable as this, you will get bored the moment you open  it.

Though I gain some friends on that blog, we have to admit technology really change our lives. 

But most blogger and influencer use WordPress and I've learned recently why.

First, because it will make every website look professional, and same as other blogging site it's free.

It's easy to use, simple to customize and designed based on your taste.

Why Do People Use & Recommend WordPress?

It's free for anyone to use (you just need a cheap webhost & domain name)

It's super easy to use even if you never built a blog before

They have over 5,000 free themes to choose from to make your blog look awesome

Over 91% of all blogs are running WordPress, including mine!

Why we need webhost and domain name?

One of my biggest mistakes when I started blogging, is using a free blogging platform.

And I believe this is everyone mistakes, they wants to learn how to start a blog for free.

But if you do this, you will seriously limit your potential success as an influencer, or if you want to start a business, or if you want to impact the world.

Most of the major free blogging platforms like Blogspot, and Tumblr have the same similar lacking features.

You have zero control over your blog, whoever can shutdown your website or delete it anytime and kabooom! all your hard work will be gone in an instant.

It terms of customizing your website, other free platform doesn't have a thousand themes and plugins and their templates are limited.

In terms of videos and images you cannot upload as many as you want and the graphics are not as good as wordpress.

Customize domain name is one important factor for your reader or customer to recognize you and remember you and take you pretty seriously.

For example you are offering a product and your domain name has blogspot,com in the end rather than just your name or your product. 

Domain name is important it is like your company name or store name so make it short and easy to remember.

My previous website title was  imagine that hehe.

That is why  before when someone ask me  what is your website name? I am even so lazy to mention it.

And lastly, no one will take you seriously, believe me. Having that kind of website name. Even if I am so serious spreading my message.

My message of how to build a wonderful relationship with your family.

How to discipline our children with love and compassion.

And how homeschooling blessed me and change my life.

And how homeschooling impact a lot of family around the world.

If you are serious about impacting the lives of other people and make few hundred bucks to support your mission then do things the right way the first time!

And Website is so important to achieve that business or for that mission to make it happen.

No 2. Why we need a Domain Name?

As what I have said previously people will not take you seriously if you are offering something to them if your domain name was 1.) Hard to remember 2.) Doesn't match the product your are offering and 3.) You didn't put a lot of thinking choosing a domain name.

Base on my example, given these two domain name or lynpalmares.e2serve,com which do you think is much better? I bet it's the second one.

Easy to remember and you already  know what I am offering. By the way e2serve means earn to serve.

My husband and I have this mission vision and believes that God want us to return the favor He has given us.

So remember choosing a domain name is one important steps when starting a website or blog.

If you don't know what domain name to choose here are few suggestion base on my research

  • Write a list of 3 things you are good at
  • Write a list of 3 things you are interested in or enjoy
  • Write a list of 3 things you want to learn about

Or you can use your name right away just like what I did.

And by the way just  a reminder, make sure that you choose a certain niche or topic to write, that is one way for your reader to keep on coming back especially if you serve certain group.

Just like me most of my reader are into homeschooling I believe and somehow they can relate to what I am sharing.

No 3. It's time to set up your Web Hosting and WordPress (Website)

Okay what is a Web Hosting?

Web hosting is what keeps your website online and stores all your blog files, images and content. If you don't have a web host no one would be able to see your website or your blog.

If I don't have a web hosting who will keep all my files, video and images, and If I don't have a web hosting my blog will not be available to you and to all the people around the world every second of the day.

Be careful as well, avoid choosing bad web hosting companies, there's a lot in the market, mine, I use INTERSERVER because according to my IT husband, it's cheaper and serve well compare to other web hosting company, he knows better I guess.

Because other Web Hosting companies just like our previous web host are slow, updating my website took a lot of time and worst case scenario there were times I cannot even access my website and they have a terrible support system.

So I recommend to study carefully the web hosting you are going to choose in the future.

So if you have decide what Web Hosting to choose, and you have your website name in your mind, now it's time to set up your word press.

Picture below will show you how to  buy web hosting and set up domain name base on my chosen web hosting INTERSERVER. You can watch youtube, a lot of tutorial on setting up a web hosting and website.

Red arrow is where you will type your domain name and check if it is still available,

Though different web hosting has different website set up. But choosing a Domain name are mostly the same. 

After setting up your domain name some web hosting need more hours before your domain name become available online. Instruction will be provided by your web hosting company no worries.

Or you can PM me or DM me anytime if you have any question.

After all most web hosting companies provide 24/7 assistance just in case something went wrong with your website 

Picture below will show you how your wordpress looks like.

If you want to start writing just click the NEW and choose what you want to share. 

You can share either of the following, New post, Media, you can share link and pages.

So now that you have set up your wordpress, you can now start writing and you can now start sending your message to the world.

No 4. Customize your Website

Let us accept that each and everyone of us has different character and taste. Your website will represent you and your character.

Your reader will mostly visit your website base on how they feel about your website.

The design of your website plays a huge role in the success of your blog because it's the body language of your blog.

So the first thing we need to do in customizing our website is finding and choosing a theme that we like.

Picture below will show you how to change your theme.

Just click the appearance, click themes, then click add new

wordpress theme search

No 5. Write your First Blog

Let me explain each part.

No . 1 The title area, this is where you write the title of your blogpost

No. 2  The Add Media, if you want to add media content like picture or video you can click this one.

No. 3  The content area where you write  the main content of your blog post. This is where your idea, your message will be written.

No. 4  You will see on the right part of the dashboard the publish area. After writing, tweaking, formatting your blog post now its about time to publish it.

Feel free to write anything you want just make sure that it gives value to your reader. Go on share your message now. See you on the other side.

Why Change is Painful?

"The Real Voyage of Discovery consist not in seeking 

new landscapes but having new eyes"

Recently me and my husband discover all this online thing,

We discover how online marketing works,

We discover how to get your first gig, first client, first job.

I realized I still need to learn a lot of things, sometimes I want to stop,

Doubting myself If I can do it, but at the end of the day my desire to improve myself better always wins.

According to Robert Kiyosaki the author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad best seller series which my husband and I have read it multiple times already.

 "School is important but the street is a better teacher".

I remember,  mom used to tell us (me and my siblings) that we should learn how to blend with different kinds of people

Because in reality the world was full of people with different character, background, and belief.

As we grow older mom used to send us to different relatives just to learn how to mingle.

Back then I never understand why and what she is trying to do to make us feel uncomfortable.

The challenges were painful but after so many years of existence, the lessons I've learned was priceless.

Now that I am bringing up my own children I am trying my best to teach them the proper way on how to face the world with dignity and integrity.

I know there are pros and cons of how my mom raised us all her children, but I believed it is with our own good and benefits.

And now that I am a mother and I am getting old and much wiser, I want everything for my children to learn. 

So I compiled this Life Lessons so that when I am gone they have something to always look back.

When life is not fair they have some reference that life will never ever be fair. But it's worth it.

When things doesn't go their way, they will always remember that they have a mother who despite life is not fair she tried her best to live her life to the fullest.

That these lessons I am about to share, I've learned them along the way. I experienced 99.9% of them

Actually  the article (Life's Lesson)  was adopted from Freemans newspaper. I've read it when I am still single.

I clipped it way back in 1999 while weeding out some paper files I used to read.

I consider the article useful and I want to share them to you and to my children for future reference. 

Hope you will learn something from them too just like me.

* I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved.              The  rest is up to them.

* I've learned that no matter how much I care some people just don't care back.

* I've learned that just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean                            they don't love you with all they have.

* I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.

* I've learned that it's not what you have in your life, but whom you have in your life that counts.

* I've learned that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are                      responsible for who we become.

* I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

* I've learned that either you control your attitude or it controls you.

* I've learned that sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the                right to be cruel.

* I've learned that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've            learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you’ve celebrated.

* I've learned that two people can look at the exact same thing and see something  totally different.

* I've learned that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you        must forgive them for that.

* I've learned that it isn't always enough to be forgiven by others.  Sometimes you have to learn to                          forgive yourself.

* I've learned that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And, just                because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do.

* I’ve learned that no matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn’t stop for your grief.

* I've learned that no matter how much you try to protect your children, they will eventually get hurt               and you will hurt in the process.

* I've learned that you should never tell a child their dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things are            more humiliating, and what a tragedy it would be if they believed it.

* I've learned that heroes are people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of          the consequences.

* I’ve learned that you can keep going long after you can’t.

Change can Change us

Mother's Love

It was not yet Mother's day, but my facebook and messenger are already filled with greetings.

Topics, blogs about mother were all discussed around the internet. I remember before when my world still revolved around my Mom.

I love my mom so much, that marrying someone in my life was not even slip into my mind because I thought that my mom and I will be together until the rest of my life and her life. 

Having a wonderful job right after college and mom's on my side makes my life quite stable and comfortable.

But God's plan is different from us. It is true that real learning began at the moment you get out of your comfort zone. 

When my sister took my mom away from me to live with her in the US, I felt lost and alone.

Like a little puppy trying to find her mother, a little chick trying to feel the comfort of her mother hen.

Recently I watch a video about  Sarah, a local pop-star artist here in the Philippines. I've watched her how she breakdown during her show in Las Vegas. 

She is famous since she was 14 and I think everything that she feels boils down in her childhood. 

She was so sad, she feels empty and tired.  

Then I reflected, remembering during my time. When I was still single and looking for love.

Then all of a sudden I realized, happiness really lies within us.

Not because we are famous, not because we have lots of money, not because we are successful.

Sabi nga Success is not the key to happinessHappiness is the key to success.

And I thought damn I got mature thru time.

I realized, we can make someone smile, we can make someone feel good.

We can make someone laugh, but whether or not that person is happy is totally out of our control.

It is not our responsibility to make others feel happy

Same as, it is not other people's responsibility to make us happy.

Because God really has a plan for each and every one of us believed me, He will do everything in His power just to know that we should focus on him and him alone.

That He is the only way towards happy and fulfilled life.

As I am writing this, I remember one of the books I've read about mother eagle and her eaglet during the time that I was all alone and live by myself for the first time.

How mother eagle tried to teach her young ones how to fly away from their nest for the first time. 

The eaglet was force to leave the nest whether he like it or not. 

There comes a time that the young eaglet is fearful of taking his first flight away from the nest. 

Then the mother eagle will withhold food to force him out of the nest. 

When I read that story I remember my mom so quickly and realized that God used my mom as my kind of food, trying to withhold her from me.

I thought then that my mom was the reason why I am happy.

To continue the story...

The eaglet was now alone in the nest. Each time a parent came flying in toward the nest the eaglet called for food eagerly; but over and over again, mother eagle came with empty feet.

And the eaglet grew thinner. He pulled meat scraps from the old dried-up carcasses lying around the nest.

He watched a sluggish carrion beetle, picked it up gingerly, and ate it.  Until it's about time for the eaglet to do his first kill.

Why? because he cannot do anything but to trust mother eagle.

Just like us, there were times that we are on the edge of everything. We ask God, God why are you doing this to me?

And we beg to please spare us from pain, sufferings, and anxiety.

Why do we ask God to spare us? Because sometimes we never trusted him.

Because we are afraid to fly. I once asked God like this, during the first time that I was left alone.

I ask him why me? I have so many what if, at that time, I ask the Lord what if I fall?

then out of nowhere, I cannot remember anymore if I read it or heard it somewhere but the answer was so vivid at that time.

He said "what if you fly", I think I read it from the book about mother eagle.

Then I realized God wanted me to change because if I change it will change everything.

Honestly, I became bitter and starting hating my mom the moment she left me.

Not knowing that it was just God's way of teaching me how to fly on my own and taught me what happiness is all about. 

Mother's day is coming and I just want to tell you a short story about a two mother.

The one who brought me into this world and the one whom I met 18 years ago.

A mother by heart and the other one was by deed.

My mom by heart introduce me in this world, took care of me, knows my cry, my craving.

As I grew bit by bit she cares for me. She taught me how to make it despite how cruel this world was.

While the other Mom whom I called Nanay was the one who taught me what love is all about.

How to be grateful for everything that I have and not looking for the things that I do not have.

She gave me one of her beloved sons that I believed a living legacy of her.

This coming Mother's day I want to give credit to this 2 wonderful person that God gave me.

Though the last one I mention whom I called Nanay was already with the lord, but I know she is still guiding us from afar.

I am so lucky to have them both in my life. I am not sure if I can surpass all of their accomplishment.

But sure did I will past it along to my children all of their teachings and all their love.

Salute to all the strong Mothers in the world.

5 Online Business That You Can Start With Zero Capital

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while, I got busy. So many things had happened lately. Since we came back home in the Philippines recently, a lot of things needs to be done. And for sure all my Filipino friends know the hassle of going back home.

New Home, New Environment

Since were away for quite some time, and we dispose everything since we left, so we need start over again, although we are prepared, we have a place already to stay but we need to arrange it again, a new job to look for, new school for our children... oops what happen to homeschool thing. Wait, allow me first to tell you.

We cannot homeschool our children until the end of time. The time will come that our teachings must be put into practice. That is why we decided to go back home and see it for ourselves if what we have done was effective. We didn't send them to Malaysian school because we are thinking, it's about time for them to know our culture.

So we got busy these past few months going back and forth to our Ministry of Education. Asking what is the best way to do since they are homeschooling all their lives especially my youngest.

So for my fellow Filipino, if you homeschool your child outside the Philippines be ready to do an additional bridging program for them in their Filipino and Araling Panlipunan subject.

Or while you were there outside of the country start introducing to them the two most important subjects in our country if you still have a plan going back home.

Or there is another way, if you are planning to send them into regular school here in the Philippine soon, they can take the PEPT exam it's the Philippines Educational Placement Test, wherein they will take the exam and find out what level of knowledge are they according to their age.

For us, this is the easiest way to do since I am confident with my children. We just have to review them a little bit in Filipino and Araling Panlipunan. So we're set to take the exam this coming September.

Online Business

Ok, now here's what I promise you, I promise that I will share with you how to earn online while homeschooling our children so here its.

As a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom or maybe a single parent) sometimes we think if what we are doing is all worth it. Do not think twice, it is!... Trust me, eventually it will all make sense.

When my children are still small, right after I resign from my Ten years (10) working experience, imagine ten years, then all of a sudden I stop, it wasn't easy.

I pity myself thinking, how my other coworkers are there enjoying their lunch while chit chatting here I am washing clothes and dishes. But that was just a split minute of thinking.

After a while I consider myself lucky because I don't have a boss to look down on me, to bully me, I don't have to wake up so early and stress myself what to wear, I don't have to face some rude customers who don't know what kind of job I have.

Here I am with my children, eating lunch and having fun, spending quality time with them. And now that they are all grown up, I can say I don't have any regrets giving up my profession. Because work can easily find us, but the love and respect of our children once gone, it can never be saved again.

So because of Homeschooling a lot of things saved me, It saves my relationship with my children, It saves my relationship with my husband, and I save a lot of time, and now here I am doing online business and an online entrepreneur (I told you soon work will find you).

Sorry for my long introduction hehehe.

It is true that sometimes wrong choices bring us to the right direction. So, long before this, I've tried so many online things just to earn money. Accept it, as a mother we also want to have our own, we also want to help our husband augment our budget. But everything I've tried doesn't earn much.

Trial and error was the real deal, so do not be afraid to make mistakes and to fall. Because of this, we are learning. So after so many mistakes now I am earning, still not much, but it is better than before and I can see the potential of growing the business.

This is not a scam, and you have to work for it, this is not a promise of easy scheme earning, sleep now and tomorrow you are earning. Well, after all, if you don't spend time on it, it's not worthy. So here are the Five (5) Online business you can start with, without spending any amount. (Tried and tested by me, of course, hehe)

1. Sell Product online

This is the first venture I tried ever since I started homeschooling. Multiply was the thing of the past. Actually, I started with what I have in my home (no capital).

Things which I am not using anymore. Instead of setting up a sort of ukay-ukay in Filipinos (second-hand store), I set up a multiply account and selling any product I can think of. During those times we are already transferring to Malaysia so I need to dispose of a lot of things.

So instead of throwing them away, I sell them online and I didn't expect that someone will buy, so I got hooked and I started buying and selling it online. The thing is, selling online needs a lot of physical activity so when MULTIPLY closed their website (everybody for sure know what Multiply was), I never came back to online selling. But it's a good start.

2. Affiliate Marketing

We started with the product we are using. Actually, affiliate marketing is another thing you can do, but make sure that before recommending a product make sure that you are using it and you saw it up and running. You saw the potential that is why you are recommending it. (Para hindi mapahiya)

I have the support of my husband here, so listen if you want to succeed in everything you do, make sure that your support system is strong and your husband is one way to have it. But if you're a single parent do not lose hope. There are a lot of ways to look for a support system. Look for someone who has the same goals and vision as yours then collaborate.

By the way, one of our affiliate marketing is Bo Sanchez stocks update. We started using it when we got interested in the Philippines stock market and after a while of using it and it's effective we share it with other people. If you are interested in knowing more about stocks (investing not trading) just let me know. 

3. Real Estate Marketing (Initial investment your sincerity)

Nowadays it was the best time where advertising was so easy. FB, Twitter, Instagram. Real Estate Marketing is another easy way to start a business without any capital.

I was a real estate agent in Malaysia for quite some time selling condos and houses from the Philippines. Someone introduces it to us and we love the idea. During those times we know a little bit about real estate. Reading a lot of books about it so we tried and it was effective.

Yes, we are helping our fellow OFW or Overseas Filipino Worker friend to save and invest their hard earn money. Because it was not easy coming back home without nothing after working hard for so many years.

Now without regrets, we are enjoying what we have and we are still helping other Filipinos learn to invest and save. (Philippine nowadays is booming so for all my Malaysian friends if you are interested in investing here in the Philippines just let me know) You can visit me anytime and I am very happy to show you how beautiful our country is.

4. E-book

Well, for sure some of you bought my e-book now, if you didn't buy it yet, buy it now, it's your first base to financial freedom hahaha. Not joking, if you are a mother we really need to make our kids independent, and for me, homeschooling proves it all.

Now that they are old enough and got used to study on their own, after building the discipline, now I have more time to write more e-books.

Well, I know for now you are thinking, Hey Marilyn I am not a writer how to write la? (This is how some of my Malaysian friends talk, oh my I miss them and I miss Malaysia)

Well, you don't have to be a writer, I am not a writer, but I tried to learn bit by bit. Listen, if you want to start a business, start now as in right now. There is no such thing as overnight success. Especially in business, great business is built in decades.

So start reading now how to write an e-book and I'll guarantee you, all of the learning is worth it. (Soon I will share all that I have learned in my e-book business, I am still trying to organize all the things that I have learned and how to market it.)

5. Online Coaching

This one you need to have a website. Well, nowadays for sure most of us know what is a website or even a Facebook account. Again, you will tell me, I don't know how to teach people. Let me tell you this, coaching is not all about teaching people.

Sometimes coaching is about telling the world your message, it's about sharing your struggles even though you embarrassed to tell the world, but do not neglect those people who might learn something from your experience, someone who will be inspired with your story.

When I am just starting this homeschooling thing, I thought I am not good enough to tell people about homeschooling, but a lot of friends are asking me how I started it all.

Without expecting anything I shared my stories and what I have learned from our experience. Little did I know that a lot of people really don't know what to do and where to start and they need help.

Now they are my constant chat mate learning from each other. So do not underestimate what you know. You never know you might save someone else's lives because of what you know.

So there you have it, my friends. Stick with me and let us exchange ideas, share each other knowledge. I know some of you mommy's has a lot of things to contribute in this world. I am happy to have each and every one of you on my list. Next time I will share with you how to create a website that works.

The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today

The question you keep on asking

Have you ever asked yourself lately if your children are still getting the quality of learning that you're expecting and paying for in a private or public school they are in?

Are the following questions running through your head most of the time about your children's education? 

Is the school helping your children to become productive and respectful members of the society?

Is the current system preparing your children to have the skills that they can use in the future? 

Are you planning to homeschool your children but you don't know where and how to start? Or are you just curious about homeschooling because some of your friends are doing it?

Do you feel tired sending your children to school back and forth, and trying to beat the hustle and bustle of everyday travel, that sometimes it affects your relationship with them?

Accept it or not, our relationship with our children is one of the most fulfilling parts of our lives.(If you're a parent you will definitely understand this). Lalo na pag may teenager kana. 

A study shows that wealth does not make us happier, a relationship does, but don't get me wrong, it should be in a RIGHT relationship.

Ten years ago I am clueless, being in a new environment, with small kids around, asking myself what will happen now. No one to ask for help, we rely solely on what we have, what we can do with what we know. That's where it all started

My husband and I worked at a University for more than 10 years, I hope by now you already know our previous profession. Me as a professional Librarian and him as a college instructor. 

But the moment we realized how powerful technology was, we embraced homeschooling right away and from that day on, no turning back. 

Why I have learned to love and embrace Homeschooling? 

Let me first share my story, not to convince you, but to show you why homeschool changed my mind.

Ten years ago my husband got a job in another country, with different culture and a different belief, very different to what I know and where I came from. Their culture, their beliefs, their background and most especially their school system.

Which I am so grateful, because I was able to see the different aspect of life. Because I was able to create friends with people of different background and understand them in a different angle.

I became more appreciative, more aware and resilient of my surroundings and gain a lot of wisdom. My mind was open to many possibilities. Also, I became more adaptable to changes.

Actually, I grew up in an environment where school was our number one priority, my mom used to tell us, "Walang babagsak or else hihinto sa pag aaral". Then followed by mentioning some relatives including her who did not do well and didn't finish college. Those words became my guiding principles and motivation not to fail and do good in school.

I was able to finish College and my Master's degree out of determination I guess. Even I wasn't that intelligent, and most of the time lacking in terms of financial aspect.  

Until I passed my professional board exam and able to work in a University as a professional Librarian for another ten years. Imagine, more than a quarter of my life I spent it in school.

Then I decided to have my own family. Kids came and the rest was history.

This is where I realized that everything I was trained and taught of was entirely different from the lives that I want for my kids. As I have told you, do not misinterpret me. There is nothing wrong with our past.

The only thing is, we cannot always live and rely on our past especially if some of our beliefs are becoming obsolete. For example, "Patience is a Virtue", nowadays we cannot just tell our kids to always be patient.

Because we know deep down that life is short, and that death will come to all of us eventually. And yet we are infinitely surprised when it comes to someone we know, and all of a sudden reality strikes us.

Then we will ask ourselves, I should have done what I have to do but it's too late already. The belief that intellect alone can bring you success. Today, in the present scenario we need skills and wisdom more.

Let me explain further, I know that you have heard this a thousand times.

And maybe you are just still in denial... 

There are three Social revolutions so far and hoping nothing more is coming. There are...

AGRICULTURAL--where farming was the basic work of people, during those days breeding of animals and planting of trees and plants where the major work to survive because only food is the number one necessity throughout the course.

Then came INDUSTRIAL, where steel, factories, and schools started to grow and develop. Food is still necessary, but you cannot have it easily this time unless you have an unlimited supply of land. 

And most land owners during industrial era are selling their piece of land in exchange for a bigger house. This is where my era I supposed:-).

During these days people are leaving their farm to look for a better opportunity in the city. Because buildings and big houses are beginning to build. 

Those who stay on their farm what do you think happens? Unless they did something to multiply their farm and leverage it.

Then came the era of INFORMATION AGE, TECHNOLOGY, INTERNET maybe by now you get my point. 


And if we continue to stay where we are, don't expect something to happen. Because...

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”-- Albert Einstein

Imagine what will happen in the future with our children if they are still embracing some of the old habits and belief that our parents instill in us. 

I am not saying that old beliefs are bad, but whether we accept it or not some of them are not applicable anymore in our present time and what more in the coming future.

There is nothing wrong with old beliefs, same goes with changes. And I don't have anything against the conventional school as long as we are using it for the right reason. After all...

“There Is No Right Or Wrong. Just The Consequences Of our Actions.”

And for me, homeschooling my children is one great reason that I will never regret in my entire life. 

Preparing them to be a future-proof adult. Because...                        

"The best way to predict our future is to create it.”-- Abraham Lincoln

What is Your Biggest Why?

Have you ever wonder what is your biggest why in life? For example being an employee, on being a mother, or maybe in doing online business, or in any business you do? Of course, we are not doing what we are doing just for fun, we want results. We have to be realistic, we have our own biggest why?

Others want to have more free time with their family, while others wanted to have financial stability, others may want to inspire other people and the list goes on. 

Tomorrow is valentines day and for sure a lot of love stories will come out. Kaya makikigaya ako hahaha. And I will share a bit of our secret. Why we came up with our biggest why.

A secret Worth Telling

My husband and I are co-workers. I work in a Library while he is teaching Engineering students, but we never knew each other. We first met in November of 1999, one year before we became a couple. We met at the baptism of our co-worker son's.  You thought he courted me for one year? No, he doesn't, read on to know how we became a couple. 

At that time on our first meeting, we both have a serious relationship, him being on a six years relationship with his college friend, while I am in an almost one-year love affair with never mind hahaha. 

Trying to recall everything because after that first time meeting on that baptismal occasions' nothing serious happened, we had our own separate ways without even an interest in meeting up again. 

Then, on  October 2000a year after we attended that baptismal day, talagang may month and year pa though I forgot the exact day, so that you can calculate how many months he courted me. 

It was the end of the semester, clearance time, while my husband was asking for a Library clearance. Nagkayayaan lang because our common friend who happens to be our kumare joke him to treat us to McDonald's, and because he is the guy who doesn't know how to say no, he just gave in. 

I believed that was also the day that he gave in to my charming personality hahaha. Kidding aside serious na. After that day in October 2000, exactly one month after, he moved into my apartment, and we live together.

What???? Ganon kabilis, but hey don't get me wrong, at that time we are not in a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship, let say it's more of a professional kind of thing.

We have another co-worker living with us by that time, but at the end of December 2000, again exactly two months after he moves in, my other co-worker who is my best buddy at that time is moving out. Why? because I was pregnant. 

Oops! this is not highly recommended to all the single ladies, parental guidance is advice, this is the part of my life that I am not most proud of, but I am not ashamed of it as well. This is the story that is intended only for me, some of the many lessons I need to learn given by God, I assumed. 

Because when I experienced that, I've learned not to be judgmental to anyone in any given situation anymore, I got matured, I became more reasonable than ever. I've learned to look at people in a different angle.

Actually, there is nothing special or unusual with our love story, it is not the boy meets a girl kind of thing and they fell head over heels in love with each other, we didn't have a long courtship, engagement kind of thing, or an elegant, stylish kind of church wedding.  But I believed he is my happily ever after.

By the way that happened seventeen years ago. We are still happily living together, and for that seventeen years, we learned so much from each other.

We learned to laugh together, cry together, we've learned to live in sickness, and in health, and accept all the challenges that life throw in front of us. We've learned to accept life as it.  And soon we will be celebrating our eighteen years of blissful union.

Why am I sharing this with you? because you might learn something from it.  I just want you to know that everything happens in GODs time. I got married at age of twenty-six.

Before I got married, I had several failed relationship, parang online business lang. I was hard headed, with so much pride and confidence. I thought I can do it on my own. 

At that time I felt I was too old already to find my true love, I thought I was on my last journey to find the man of my dreams. So whoever and whatever comes along I just accept them for who they are and I never learn. 

I never filter their character and their personality who ever courted me sige lang ng sige, guys hindi naman ako pangit but at that time I thought I am mature enough to accept people for who they are, (just what I thought). I don't mind if niloloko na ako, I was so selfish and not listening to advice. 

Later on, I realized, my decision at that time was a sign of immaturity, I never love myself enough so I never mind if I deserve the person who is coming in and out of my life. Until my husband came along (Thank God pinakinggan din ng Dyos ang matagal ko ng panalangin haha).

That moment in my life, when I proved that God wants nothing for me but a happy and fulfilling life. And that belief I carry it until now, that whatever happens, at the end of the day God still has plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future -- Jeremiah 29: 11

And my husband was one of His so many promises to me. Because he was the one who made me realize what is the true meaning of maturity, that commitment is far better than love.

That sometimes reasoning is better than emotion. Just like a man who cannot live by bread alone. We cannot also live by love alone, there should be a commitment, determination and forgiveness and the rest was history.

Single ladies listen to this, in looking for one true love base on my experiences, don't try so hard to search for love, because in the end love will find you, in the most unexpected ways and time.

Sabi nga do not compare your love story to those tv novelas that you are watching,(full of dramas) because those are written by scriptwriters, yours is written by God. 

And just like in doing this online business, do not compare your life's chapter two to someone else's life's chapter ten. Others may reach their full potential already and earning millions and millions of dollars, while we are still usad pagong, it's totally okay guys. As along as you have the commitment and determination to never stop until you reach your goal.

Imagine we are batch nine, and a lot of students after us are already successful in this business, but don't get envious but rather use them as an inspiration and motivation to move forward. 

Recently I posted on IBMC our first earning, the first product of our blood and sweat, of our eye bags. 

While posting that, some more are coming in, though hindi pa sya ganon kadami but I know we're getting there. 

Now,  Why Online Business?

In our seventeen years of marriage, there are so many up's and down. It is true that, just like in marriage,  online business or any other business, there is no such thing as smooth sailing.

We tried so many businesses before but everything was a failure. Then we got so tired of trying, nagpahinga muna saglit. While thinking what went wrong with all the business that we had in the past.

My husband went overseas, until such time na sumama na rin kami ng mga kids sa kanya. While we are staying in another country problem after problem are still coming in kaya medyo nagextend kami from this business, expensive education of our kids in that country, sickness, and death of family member, we barely can save even a small amount.

This is where we came up with our biggest why, we started to create our life goals, we ask ourselves what we want to achieve in the next three, five, or ten years in our lives, we commit ourselves what we really want when we retire, what we can do to help our relatives and other people more instead of just giving them only financial assistance, and after that what? It's a cycle, it never stops.

So we tried our best to learn, study, spend so many sleepless nights talking our life plan and goals together. Until we came up to the idea that if we want to help our poor relatives be not one of them. Show them that, if we were able to break the cycle, for sure they can do it as well. Though it's a bit difficult breaking the cycle especially if they got used to it.

That's where we started to fix our finances, we deprived ourselves for years buying new items, and expensive one, we never ate in a fancy restaurant, instead we treat our kids once in a while in a fast food chain, we stop traveling out of town with our so-called friends, we close our eyes with all of the criticism.

We save as much as we can. That's where we realize, we really don't need those fancy kind of things in our lives. We learned how to be satisfied with what we have and what we don't have.

We've learned the real value of money, though money is not the most important thing, but it affects all the important things in our lives, like our children's education, online courses nowadays are becoming more expensive than ever, what more if we send our kids to regular private school.

Our health, I know how it feels to come in and out of the hospital and that is why when someone told me "hindi lahat ng bagay pera" I want to tell him, wait until one of your children or maybe your wife gets sick.

We know, we still need to do a lot of things to show our relatives and friends that, we don't have to live the life that we used to know. That living in abundance is better that living in debts. 

That sometimes it is a matter of getting used to it, that is why it is so difficult to come out. It's difficult because someone must be willing to sacrifice. But rest assured that it is all worth it. I know because we've been there.

For eight (8) years now we are into stocks and real estate and so far in God's grace, everything is doing well.  Because this investment, for us is the easiest way to start.

Stocks, you can start as minimum as 5,000 pesos especially when the internet came out everything became easy, you don't have to call someone to buy and sell, in just a click of a mouse you can trade and invest.

Just make sure you study everything, do not try to invest without knowing the in and out of investing, it's risky, ask someone who is an expert and willing to help you, don't ask someone who doesn't have the experience. Always remember the parable of the blind man leading the blind when investing.

In real estate, we started with nothing, we are just so blessed that there were so many programs for OFW during our time we are still in Malaysia and they've taught us how to start.

After all Philippine is booming, condo construction is everywhere. We just have to look for the opportunities and possibilities instead of looking with a negative mindset.

Actually, there is no such thing as easy pala when it comes to investing, pag may nagsabi sa inyo that investment is easy blah blah blah, that is a false kind of marketing, we just find it easy because when those opportunity came along our mind was set to see the possibility. We also sacrifice a lot of things just to have those kinds of investments.  

We close our eyes just to achieve that, I cried so many tears along the way, we failed some of our so-called friends who don't understand our biggest why, because they thought that money is evil but living in debt is okay.

We had so much failure in life, we learn from our past mistakes and we learned to focus on the good things that may happen in the future. 

So, just like online business kapag nagisip ka ng masama, if you think like those who lack knowledge, they think all online business are scam e wala talaga. Others are earning while they are still waiting.

So now, why online business? From the moment we started to homeschool our kids we saw what the internet can do with our lives. We saw the potential and the opportunity especially my husband.  He is a network engineer by the way. He has more entrepreneurial mind compare to me.

Another advice to single ladies who wanted to get married, be careful whom you marry because your future husband can make or break you, he can also make your life miserable or heaven here on earth. Pray for your future husband as much as possible before you dive into a married life.

And when you are into it, support him and continue praying for him, that God will give your husband so much wisdom because he will be the one leading your family. It all depends into his hand the future of your next generations. If they will still be living in debts.

So let's go back why online business? Because we want our children to practice what we teach, we also want our children to be part of what we are doing, to get involved, and online business is the most possible and convenient way to achieve that.

Don't just dream of becoming wealthy then your kids are being left behind. It should be a two-way process if you have children. If you don't want to have a future problem.  Sabi nga "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. For us, online learning and online business are the future. Either we use it against us, or for us.

By the way, sharing with you my eldest son Fiverr account his name is Dale Stephen, He was the one who made my e-book cover (picture below). To all IBMC just a little favor, if you want my son to make a book cover for you it's for FREE  just let me know in exchange for a good reviews on his fiverr.

And even if it's for free he will do it professionally.

So What is our biggest why?

  • check
    Just like others, we want to have more free time to spend it with our family,  and we cannot do that if we are being employed until retirement. I don't want to wake up one day asking myself where have all the days gone by, it happens to my parents.
  • check
    We want to have a better life, free from debts, and worry.  Earning regularly and having a passive income until our old age is one of our biggest why. We don't want to burden our children when that time comes, we want our golden days still happy spending wonderful memories with our grandkids.
  • check
    ​​​We want to spend the rest of our lives giving back what the Lord has given us and we know we cannot do that if we lack the first and second one.

So if you want to be successful in doing this online business. Always ask yourself.  What is my biggest why? Dahil kung hindi titigil ka lang because of all the challenges you will encounter. And for that God bless to all of us, see you at the top.

New Addition to the Library

As you all know, part of my service is to provide you a quality resources that you can use for your personal improvement. As a mother of three homeschooler I always keep this in mind that my children are getting their strength and character from me.  Always remember that they are just a reflection of who we really are as a mother.

Below are new addition to my library that you can add up to your daily dose of personal development, try to check it out on my LIBRARY. Because according to Charles William Elliot, “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

The Greatest Salesman in the World is a book, written by Og Mandino, that serves as a guide to a philosophy of salesmanship, and success, telling the story of Hafid, a poor camel boy who achieves a life of abundance. The book was first published in 1968, and re-issued in 1983 by Bantam.  Source: Wikipedia

Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and peak performance specialist. A self-made millionaire by the age of 26, he is the Executive Chairman of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd, one of Asia’s largest training & education companies.

Adam has authored 13 books spanning the topics of academic mastery, personal development, parenting, finance and entrepreneurship. These titles have been consistently placed on the national best-sellers list and been translated into six foreign language.

Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders explores the leadership styles of many of the world's most influential leaders in business, the military, sports, and politics and extracts powerful lessons that managers can put to work in their organizations. Drawing upon his years of experience as a leadership consultant, visionary, and coach, John Baldoni, author of the highly successful "Great Communication Secrets of Great Leaders" Reveals the motivational techniques of Sam Walton, Mary Kay Ash, Ronald Reagan, Colleen Barrett, Col. David Hackworth, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, and other influential leaders.

In this new edition, Roberto presents new cases from Google, Ford, and Intuit, and expands coverage to more deeply illuminate his decision-making approach. Offering both positive and negative examples, he presents a well rounded view of how to determine when 'yes' means 'yes', when it doesn't, and what to do when it doesn't. Throughout, He demonstrates why "good process entails the astute management of the social, political and emotional aspects of decision making" -- in other words, why effective leaders are well served by carefully "deciding how to decide." You'll learn how to: 

  • check
    Test and probe what your team really believes, and get the truth and candor you really need
  • check
    Encourage constructive objections -- and keep them constructive
  • check
    Improve team management, mitigate risk, identify opportunities, and promote integrity
  • check
    Build stronger commitment amongst the people who'll implement your decisions

A Day at the Museum

Have you ever been to museum? They say that history repeats itself. But let's take an important note on what Winston Churchill says ... "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." 

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5 Myths that Will Change the Way You Think About Homeschooling

Have you realize how fast is everything nowadays? Sometimes we heard that someone became millionaire at an early age of 30 or sometime even 20 out of their passion. 

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Life doesn’t get better by chance but by change

When someone told you "nagbago kana" (you've changed) take it as a compliment.

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What Motivates You?

You have planted them, they have also taken root; They grow, they have even produced fruit You are near to their lips But far from their mind. --Jeremiah 12:2

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Why Homeschool

Recently I am trying to find God in my quiet moment. Remembering Ate and Ethan. They were siblings, my former students who went back to Philippines to continue their studies there.

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The Lazy mom’s way to love your kids

What I’m about to share with you is really a memorable experience.

I have three kids, all of them are homeschooled.

I started to homeschool my kids when my husband decided that we go with him overseas.

My eldest and second child still experienced the conventional school​ back home.

During those days, I had my own fair share of struggles.

As a working mom, I never had the luxury of time to focus on my children.

But sometimes, God give you the reason to do what you had to do.

My mother-in-law died, so I have no choice but to look after them.

My eldest child was so active during his younger years.

During those time, I never heard of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), so we were not able to test him for that,

but every time our monthly check up is coming, I always ask his pediatrician why he's so active.

The pedia will say, oh, maybe because of the milk he drink.

But now looking back, those restlessness, those constant motion, and too much movement, became an advantage.

Now he is a professional Rubiks player, a game that need constant movement of the hand and mind. 

My youngest is a little bit dyslexic, how did I know? when she writes she interchange letter, b becomes d and she read them differently.

And I remember, her teacher at that time told me. Hey! your daughter is a bit dyslexic mah! *with chinese accent*. Since we are staying in Malaysia.

My middle child, a little bit reserve but just fine.​

Ten years had passed​, now thinking, good thing I didn't label them base on what I saw.

We people love to put label on people.

He doesn't want to chit chat, he's anti-social.

She love's party, she's a whore.

He's great in math, future engineer.

Her English is perfect, she's so intelligent.

Now thinking, why should I put a label on my children.

If they love what they are doing, it's perfectly fine with me. 

Why? because base on my experience, label should not determined our kids future.

Allow me to share why I said that.

Seventeen years ago, I am in an environment where most of my acquaintances and colleague are Masters and Ph.D.

My environment is surrounded with highly intellectual people literally.

Working in a University as a professional librarian. I always feel stupid and dumb, surrounded by these people.

Though I was able to finish my Master's Degree, because it's part of the requirements, but deep in my heart, I never felt fulfilled. 

Why, because I do not know my purpose then, I am not sure, why I am doing the things I need to do.

I just follow what the society told me to do.

Until I started to home school my children, a lot of realization and mind opening experience.

That our knowledge, and learning are unlimited.

That, we have the capacity to learn on our own because it's part of our survival mode.

And not because I am not good in English or Math doesn't mean I was consider stupid or dumb.

Now I know, we are a unique individual and we have different purpose in life.

Others maybe excellent in English because they were put there for some reason, me I am good into being a mother because this is where I am planned to be.

Now I've learned my lesson, I am who I am not because of what the society, or my friends, or my neighbors told me who I am.

I don't care if they label me as the worst mother of all, because we never send our children to school.

I don't care if they tell me that I am snob and anti social, because I do not blend with them, it's totally fine.

I'm a lazy mom, and the way I will love my kids is by not trying to put label on their heads.

But rather by supporting them all the way.

It doesn't matter what road they will take, as long as they are happy and make a significance out of the course they choose in life. 

For I cannot raise my children the same way as others, because each child are special in some way​.

Everybody is a Genius

But If we Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

How to plan your lesson by using this curriculum planner

One of the greatest challenges for home school parents, home school students, teachers and even a person with a lot of experiences in teaching can be lesson planning. Ouch! (The reason why I didn't pursue my teaching profession).

Continue reading

10 Educational Website useful for Homeschooler

Through the creation of the internet, printed materials like books, magazine, and newspaper became near obsolete.

As a librarian by profession, it’s a little bit difficult for me to accept the fact. But eventually, I was able to embrace it.

We cannot depend on them anymore if we want to gain more understanding and information.  And as a mother of three wonderful homeschoolers, I  just need to be creative.

Looking for more classroom set up videos, hungry for more knowledge, I was able to search more useful website which I am so excited to share.

These 10 lists of the useful educational website, that I and my children are using, I have read and been using them for quite sometimes. I’ve found them so helpful and interesting. Enjoy!Continue reading

The world is our school and humanity is our teacher.

“The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

This phrase ring a bell to me when we decided to homeschool our kids.

June of 2009 Arnold and I decided to homeschool our children. Because we want to maximize the possibility of learning while doing.

Also since we have plans of migrating to another country they might as well be adjusted to any environment as possible.

I thought to have them near me, they will learn more from me than anybody else but it was the other way around. They taught me a lesson, not in my wildest imagination. Recently after attending activity after activity, I have proven the following:Continue reading

Do small things with great Love

It’s been a while, I never had the luxury of time to write because of some important things that I need do. I am not a writer so I really need a lot of motivation and good mood to write something like this.

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Positive Things We Should Be Saying To Our Children

Homeschooling is a bit frustrating sometimes, especially if your kids doesn’t want to listen most of the time.

But this is what I’ve learned, the more we criticize them and put bad words into our mouth the more it became a reality to them.

In a situation wherein saying no is a lot easier than to love them during their shortcomings I came to an idea that if things don’t work out well why not change the strategy.

That instead of saying no, instead of criticizing them, instead of showing them my frustration and anger, I will be saying positive words to them.

You can add if you think of something that’s not on my list.

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What is the secret to living is it giving?

What’s holding you, what imprison you, what keeps you from doing something you really love.

Like spending quality time with your family.

Well, you can always spend time with your family but the question is, is it quality? are your attention is full without worry?

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Are you Crazy?


Are you crazy? Yes, this is the word most of the time I’ve heard especially when I want something big.

Are you crazy? when I told someone in my 20’s that I want to have a child, but I cannot marry yet but my intention is good.

Are you crazy? when I told someone in my 30’s that I want to stop working and start homeschooling my children.

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Are you frustrated sometimes?

Do you sometimes feel lost? frustrated? lonely? and wanted to just walk away?

Being a homeschool mom, I am totally lost and feeling frustrated most of the time.

Especially when I assume that my children were not paying attention to what I am trying to say.

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Year End Planning

Last quarter of the year is coming and this means it’s a year end party yehey…

oppps wait for a while. Never forget that it is also the time of the year wherein we need to plan for the next coming school activity et. al. So I prepare a video presentation  how to plan you next homeschool year.

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Happy Birthday to me!!!

“Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” – John Maxwell


As I open my eyes today my happiness is overwhelming. Apologies for those who cannot post greetings on my FB (this is the trend nowadays) because a lot of spam that’s the reason why I make it private.

But I thank those who made an “E” best for EFFORT just to PM me and greet me personally. Because of them, I can really consider myself blessed because I still have lots of TRUE friends which are difficult to find nowadays.

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How I choose to be

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Five minutes more and I will be turning forty-two (42). Twelve midnight will soon be over and I had spend another worthy year of my life.

Sabi nila life begins at forty (40), now I believed that. Kase remembering this past two years there are so many heart breaks that I endure, but compare to all the blessings dami rin palang blessing na dumaan.

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What is the advantage of Internet?

Gone when the days where everyone needs to attend school for the whole week just to gain knowledge and information.

Though a lot of regular schools are still existing, and students still have the habits of spending the whole week in schools. But for those people who are highly hooked up with technology and already discover that spending most of the time on the internet is an advantage, they prefer online learning.

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Are we going to wait for the right moment?

Don’ wait for the right moment

Make the moment right.

Part of our homeschooling are the promises that we will go places, we will create memories out of the savings we made  instead of putting money into tuition that cost hundred of dollars. Memories doesn’t have any equivalent amount right?

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What are the ABC’s I use in Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is not an easy task. There were times that I wanted to give up, doubting if I am doing the right thing to my children. That’s why I always remember these ABC’s of homeschooling base on bible verses. That every time I am anxious and in doubt, I will just remember these verses hope you’ll find them helpful just like me :-)Happy reading.

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How to uneducate a child

This was us, eight years ago.

Looking back eight years ago, I still remember the moment when I decided to leave everything behind, my work, my friends, my life…

Back then it was so difficult to decide if we are going to homeschool our children or not, but of course, base on our financial situation at that time homeschool wins, not knowing that everything was really a blessing in disguise.

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Hello WordPress

This is my first ever post in WordPress…

I hate WordPress since it’s not a more friendly user blog site just like but sometimes we have to learn how to leave our comfort zone if we want to develop and grow more.

I used to blog in, my blog there is still existing you can still check it if you want and here’s my link

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