Where Homeschool Made Easy

Maybe you're planning to homeschool your children, or you are doing homeschool already and you are looking to add extra resources, or either way your child needs practice and lots of it, or you are a teacher looking for an extra worksheet.

Or maybe someone who are just looking for extra resources in anything.

This website has different worksheets in English, Math and another subject, It’s done wonders for my kids. I hope it does the same for you and your kids.

It also contains some inspirational blog and some informative articles.

If you like what you’ve found here, please consider sharing it with other parents, teachers or friends that you think might also find value here.

You can also ask Lyn for assistance. You can email her anytime at lyn@e2serve.com

Lyn Palmares had more than ten years of homeschooling experience. 

A former professional Librarian with a Master's Degree in Library Science.

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education major in Library Science.

She has three children. The eldest one is in Grade nine using the Accelerated Christian Education program, while the youngest is eleven who she started homeschooling at the age two.

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